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It's in Your Hands!

This motion animation project, produced by Deadline Communication, was created to communicate the newly developed Quality Assurance program of a Public Organisation in the UK. The central aim was to give a sense of agency amongst the organisation's team members, highlighting the significance of their individual contributions in driving meaningful change.

To translate this vision into visual storytelling, we conceived a narrative centered around a Genie-like character who symbolised the essence of teamwork, supported by his team of dedicated and diverse members.
Once receiving approval on the characters designs and storyboard, I teamed up with the awesome and rigging-wizard Matthias De Jong to create the animation.

Character designs and Storyboarding

Character designs for an explainer animation

Characters design: Maïlys Mï

Storyboard frames: Maïlys Mï

Rigging and Amination

Rigging: Matthias de Jung

Once the characters and storyboard received the green-light for animation, I got Matthias de Jong on board to support me with the animation.
Since the Genie was the predominant character, we thought it needed a solid rig that allowed lots of control and options for details, whilst not becoming overwhelming to animate. Following our in-depth brainstorming, Matthias created the rig for us and as we hopped, no further adjustments were needed throughout the rest of the animation.

We also established that the overall aim was to create a visual sense of depth. This would be translated by the background moving in a parallax movement to the Genie, the Genie's shading animation to follow the light source of the elements popping around him, and by giving it a “Faux-3D” face and hands.

The third objective was to create a very fluid animation, to convey the sense of a seamless teamwork amongst the Organisation's team.

Animation: Matthias de Jung

Animation: Maïlys Mï

Animation: Maïlys Mï

Animation: Maïlys MÏ

Thank you for taking the time to read this project's breakdown, and see you soon for another one! 

Client: Essex County Council

Commissioned by: Deadline Communications
Producer: Deadline Communications - Simon Frith
Script: Deadline Communications
Project Coordination & Management: Simon Frith

Creative Direction, Styleframes & Storyboard: Maïlys Mï
Rigs: Matthias de Jong
Animation: Maïlys Mï & Matthias de Jong
Sound Design: Louis Gaston

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