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Discover here some of my personal projects and other creative little things brewing!

An artistic journey in Japan

Back in November 2023, I embarked on a two-week travel to Japan. My goal was to reset my approach to illustration, hoping this would help me overcome some long-standing little issues such as blank-page anxiety or the lack of inspiration that sometimes prevents me from enjoying drawing.
Out if this travel came five little vlog episodes I did about some of my little reflections on my journey as a designer so far, along with the illustrations that I created for each of them once back home. Hope you'll enjoy it!

In this 1st episode, you'll find out the why and how I came up with the idea of this travel!

Illustration of citrus fruits

How to find your own style?

Cover illustration for episode 1

In this 2nd episode, I'll be telling you about an inspiring study I read on different improvement approaches, as well as the broader questions on perfectionism that I came to ask myself from it. 

Illustration of a girl reading a book on the plane to japan

On the plane to Japan...

Cover illustration for episode 2

In this 3rd episode, you'll hear about a transformative encounter during a tea ceremony in the old Kyptp, and some of the reflections on art and talent prompted from it. 

illustration of a tea ceremony

A tea ceremony in Kyoto,

Cover illustration for episode 3

In this 4th episode, we'll visit a beautiful garden in Kanazawa, to try and understand more on landscape design and how transferable it could be in illustration.



Cover illustration for episode 4

In this last episode, we'll go around in Tokyo for a few days, before heading back to Copenhagen. This is the final episode of this little series. Thank you SO much for following me on this little adventure. It was truly heartwarming and humbling to read everyone's comments and feedback on this series on my social medias 🙇‍♀️ I hope you'll enjoy this last episode in Japan!

The journey does continue! As a few days ago, I received the exciting news that my application to attend the Pictoplasma Character Development Academy in Berlin this May had been successful. So I guess, I'll see you there!


Danish Window

Cover illustration for episode 5

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