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Behind the scene


Welcome to Learnfest 2022

The Essex County Council in United Kingdom were preparing to host their annual learning festival, LearnFest.
They needed an engaging animation to play during the event, to introduce their courses and activities.


The Project Scope

The Deadline Communications agency got in touch with me to help them create this motion animation for the Essex County Council.
We didn't receive a script for the animation, but the client had provided a detailed mood-board and thorough description of the visuals & key words that they wanted to see in the animation.
We also knew it needed to be around 45 seconds long, and display group of people from various backgrounds, to translate how the festival was an inclusive place where one can build a community.

The Creative Process

My objective was to give the viewer a sense of travelling along and through the LearnFest various themes, and I designed the storyboard around that storytelling approach.

Some unselected style frames

With this animation's storyboard, my objective was to give the viewer the feeling of travelling along the festival, I therefore designed it around that storytelling approach. The viewer would first be welcomed whilst we set up the general animation's scenery, to then be plunged into the LearnFest world, discovering the successive key words and activities of the festival. Finally, we would conclude by taking some perspective back and welcoming the viewer again.

Once the storyboard was approved, I could jump into production. I usually start this stage by building up my characters' rigs inside After Effects, followed by doing a general pacing of my frames to the music. This then serves me as a guide for the rest of the animation as I go back to each frames to animate them in details.

“Maïlys is brilliant! Organised, great at scheduling, friendly and adaptable, innovative, and of course, a fantastic animator. All of which is why we've engaged her to work on many of our projects over the past three years, and we keep coming back."

Simon Frith - Deadline Communications


Client: Essex County Council
Commissioned by: Deadline Communications,
Project Manager: Simon Frith - Deadline Communications
Illustration and Animation: Maïlys Mï

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